Help children with special needs

Sunday, Dec 10, 2017

Christmas came early for a special group of children in Calgary.

These children and their families face a set of challenges from Autism to Down Syndrome. Some of them are very gifted in music, art or singing.

It was a joyful event. Every child played games, had a picture taken with Santa, and received a Christmas gift.

Macy Qin, Lynn Huang , and Tom Luo and their families attended this special event on behalf of Hunan Association.

Western Canada Hubei Association and their leaders Linda Xiang, Cliff Huang also generously sponsored this event.

Just coming and seeing the children and knowing the challenges they are facing, so much help they are getting from Chinese community groups , volunteers and individuals, is a very special feeling for all who attended the party on Sunday evening.

Thank you for your generous donations and helping make a difference.
Lynn Huang: $50
Macy Qin: $100
Tom Luo: $150

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