A look back at Hunan’s vibrant 2018

Thanks for being the nuts and bolts that hold our community together.

2018 Year Book

Feb 24, 2018: Chinese New Year Celebration Party

March 31 2018: #springski at Sunshine Village

April – October 2018: Python Programming Classes (30*2-hour sessions) partner with HACC

June 2018: Early Summer BBQ at Bowness Park

July 2018: Canada Day Celebration and Camping Trip to Oliver, B.C

Aug 26 2018: Soccer Day and Movie Night

September 2018: 3 OSISoft PI Training Sessions, $300 donnated to the association by Tom Luo and Marcus Zou.

Sept 16, 2018: Launched our online library http://canada.libib.com

Oct 14, 2018: Sponsored AI4Youth Conference ($500 and 5 free 2-hour Python classes)

Oct 20, 2018: Kids buying heir favorite books at Chapters Chinook. It was an $1000 investment in our future genration.

Nov 4, 2018: Readers Club Gathering at Calgary Central Library

Nov 2018: Explore Careers in Data Science Session at University of Calgary, hosted by CCCA加中商会.

Dec 2018: Data Science Study sessions at Calgary Central Library (3 sessions by Dec)

Dec 23, 2018: Christmas Party and Annual General Meeting at Calgary Central Library