The Most Inviting All-lamb BBQ Ever in Summer 2019

We just held the most inviting Summer BBQ at FreshPal Farm (“优鲜美地农场” in Mandarin) in Didsbury, AB on August 3rd, 2019.

There were more than 200 townspersons and friends joining us to celebrate the fabulous Summer.

All-lamb BBQ & Potluck Dishes, Can’t help mouth-watering, huh?

Exploring the Farm is kinda of FUN, isn’t it?

Tug-of-War never stops.

A…n…d, Even the Beijing Opera Showtime!!

Dr. Geng is performing “QinQiong sells his horse”

The last, but the most important part – the VOLUNTEERS! Salute to them.
There were quite a few ladies organizing the events, setting the tables, preparing dishes and fruits, welcoming the members, and etc. But they were not able to strike the poses nor did we collect their photos. Salute to the volunteering ladies!

We will be back!

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