RRSP/TFSA Retirement Lecture Delivered Successfully

Calgary, AB, Canada – 31 January 2021

RRSP/TFSA Investing for Retirement” lecture, one of the Public Welfare Lecture Series hosted by Western Canada Hunan Association, has been broadcast to the Hunan Fellows and friends at 7:00-8:35PM Jan. 31, 2021.

The online lecture has recorded 103 participants, including 6 Council Members of Hunan Association, through the zoom meeeting and started off with a professional Webinar of 50 minutes and ended with a fruitful Q&A session of 45 minutes. The lecture has delivered the main concepts with complex but easy-to-understand case studies. Here are the main points:

  • Features of RRSP and TFSA.
  • Is RRSP a trap of investment?
  • When shall TFSA account be taxed?
  • How to choose RRSP or TFSA or both for investment?
  • How much pension could I get when retiring?
  • Among quite a few investment means, which is most tax-saving?
  • Differences between Segregated Fund and Mutual Fund.