Webinar: Tax Return & Taxing Strategy 2022

The Tax Return season of the tax year 2021 has started on March 1st, 2022 with the deadline set on April 30th, 2022.

Western Canada Hunan Association has invited two industry professionals:

James Luo, CA, CPA (Canada & USA)
Xia Yong, CFP, RRC

to lecture the Does and Don’ts for you. Please refer to the poster below for details.

You could join the mini Bootcamp by –
* connecting to the Zoom Meeting (ID: 403 585 9446, PWD: hunan2022), or
* browsing the website of hunan.ca or
* visiting the WeChat group of “加西湖南同乡会” upon the start of the webinar.

Stay tuned with hunan.ca.

Below is the snapshot of the contact (QR Code) of the 2 lecturers:

Tax Return Bootcamp 2021: from ZERO to HERO

As the famous saying states: Great Minds Think Alike – Tax, the Tax Return season of the tax year 2020 has started on March 1st with the deadline set on April 30th, 2021.

Western Canada Hunan Association has invited two industry professionals:

James Luo, CA, CPA (US)
Xia Yong, Senior Finance Advisor

to lecture the Does and Don’ts for you. Please refer to the poster below for details.

You could join the mini Bootcamp by –
* connecting to the Zoom Meeting (ID: 826 8841 2339, PWD: 2021), or
* browsing the website of hunan.ca or
* visiting the WeChat group of “加西湖南同乡会” upon the start of the lecture.

Stay tuned with hunan.ca.

RRSP/TFSA Retirement Lecture Delivered Successfully

Calgary, AB, Canada – 31 January 2021

RRSP/TFSA Investing for Retirement” lecture, one of the Public Welfare Lecture Series hosted by Western Canada Hunan Association, has been broadcast to the Hunan Fellows and friends at 7:00-8:35PM Jan. 31, 2021.

The online lecture has recorded 103 participants, including 6 Council Members of Hunan Association, through the zoom meeeting and started off with a professional Webinar of 50 minutes and ended with a fruitful Q&A session of 45 minutes. The lecture has delivered the main concepts with complex but easy-to-understand case studies. Here are the main points:

  • Features of RRSP and TFSA.
  • Is RRSP a trap of investment?
  • When shall TFSA account be taxed?
  • How to choose RRSP or TFSA or both for investment?
  • How much pension could I get when retiring?
  • Among quite a few investment means, which is most tax-saving?
  • Differences between Segregated Fund and Mutual Fund.

Why Hunan 岁末脱口秀招募令

【七律】Why Hunan 岁末脱口秀招募令


经加西湖南同乡会第六届理事会商议,决定举办2021年迎新Why Hunan脱口秀茶话会。

主题:Why Hunan辞旧迎新脱口秀
地点:Zoom Meeting,链接届时公布
内容:Why Hunan,就是聊一聊您作为湖南人的骄傲之处,或是曾经在湖南工作学习时候的趣事儿,抑或是其它与辞旧迎新相关的话题。


HUNAN = Hope, Unity, respect for Nature and people, Acceptance and Novelty


Why Hunan Talkshow – Enlistment

Why Hunan Talkshow (English)

Dear Fellow Hunanians,
In line with the resolution determined in the recent review by the 6th Council of Western Canada Hunan Association, we are pleased to announce the “Why Hunan Talkshow @ Lunar Yearend” be held on February 11, 2021.

Topic: Why Hunan Talkshow @ Yearend
When: 6:00-11:00 PM, 11 February 2021 (The Last Day of Lunar Year 2020)
Where: Zoom Meeting Room, the link will be announced prior to the start of the event
How: Grouped by family, every participant pre-shoots a video of 3-5 minutes for playback, or conducts freestyle talkshow of 3-5 minutes
Details: The purpose of this “Why Hunan Talkshow @ Lunar Yearend” event is designed for any Hunanian to talk about why you are proud being a Hunanian, or any Hunanian-ever-been to memorize the interesing findings when he/she worked/studied in Hunan, China, or even to talk about anything related to saying good-bye to year 2020 and welcoming the new year.

Ads: WeChat Group of Western Canada Hunan Association;
Official website of Western Canada Hunan Association: www.hunan.ca

HUNAN = Hope, Unity, respect for Nature and people, Acceptance and Novelty

The 6th Council of Western Canada Hunan Association
December 25, 2020

Christmas Contest

Co-hosted by Western Canada Hunan Association and Wesstern Canada Hubei Association, the Chrismas Contest has introduced 11 competitors, aging from 10-16 years old.

The young ARTISTS have demostrated prominent capacities by their outstanding art works ranging from watercolor painting, pencil drawing, to high-tone singing and sportsmanship, which astonished the awarding panel.

After a heated discussion, coupled with a careful panel review and juddment by hunan.ca and hubei.ca committes, the final awards have been determined as below:

4 Golden Metals,
4 Silver Metals, and
3 Bronze Metals.

Congrates to all candidates and Merry Christmas!

The Awards shall reach the boys and girls very soon, we bet, Santa must have done a great job to deliver such.

Kid Christmas Contest Entry Link:


Donation Activities for Helping a Hunanian Family

A Hunanian Family in Calgary has been experiencing critical situation with the mom diagnosed with cancer. Then a group of Committee members of Western Canada Hunan Association paid a few visits to the family during November 2019 through January 2020, showcased the love and cares from all Hunanians and friends.

Shouldered by Mr. Xin-Jian Luo and Ms. Fang Mei, a few donation sessions have been carried out, in order to help the very family. The below is the list who has donated the LOVE to the family.


P.S.: There are a few donors requested to be anonymous.

Western Canada Hunan Association Donor List 2019

As of 2020.1.10

  • Kongshi Duan
  • Wujun Long
  • JianFu Deng
  • Sha Xia
  • Wenyan Cheng
  • 夏勇
  • Weichang
  • JunLiu
  • Xing Huang
  • Xiao Kuang
  • LaiXi liu
  • Fang Liang Yu
  • Ju Fang Xu
  • JIA Yun Chen
  • 西门错马
  • Chunyu Ma
  • Ady
  • Quan Zhou
  • WenjieLi
  • 糖油粑粑
  • Jinzhou Liu
  • 笑笑
  • Shuangye Xu
  • Xin Ping Liu
  • Yan hua Ni
  • 萧萧
  • Jigao Yi
  • Shengxi Yu
  • 屈晓芳
  • Zhaohui Peng
  • Yanhua Liu
  • JinLiang Xiang
  • Liuzheng Ping
  • Na xie
  • Wei Hua Lai
  • Jin Yu
  • Cynthia Shi
  • Xiaochun Chen
  • Rhea
  • Hai Hu
  • Tony Tang
  • Quanquan Fu
  • Yang Zhang
  • HaiTao Zhou
  • 棍子兄弟
  • Nancy Tao
  • Shasha Yu
  • 孟广文
  • Wendy Zhang
  • Sarah Xu
  • 梅芳
  • 老罗
  • 江南批发西洋参
  • 欧阳辉 
  • Aiqun Rena Hu 
  • YiQun Zhang
  • Yu Feng Long
  • 骆兴健
  • Linda Pei
  • Lucy SS
  • Yuhong Wu& Xiaoyan Deng
  • 曹放云
  • Wenyan Cao
  • Wei Zhong
  • 不留名朋友
  • LingYanLi                
  • TieShuang Zhao:
  • JingYun He:
  • XiaoFengPeng

The Most Inviting All-lamb BBQ Ever in Summer 2019

We just held the most inviting Summer BBQ at FreshPal Farm (“优鲜美地农场” in Mandarin) in Didsbury, AB on August 3rd, 2019.

There were more than 200 townspersons and friends joining us to celebrate the fabulous Summer.

All-lamb BBQ & Potluck Dishes, Can’t help mouth-watering, huh?

Exploring the Farm is kinda of FUN, isn’t it?

Tug-of-War never stops.

A…n…d, Even the Beijing Opera Showtime!!

Dr. Geng is performing “QinQiong sells his horse”

The last, but the most important part – the VOLUNTEERS! Salute to them.
There were quite a few ladies organizing the events, setting the tables, preparing dishes and fruits, welcoming the members, and etc. But they were not able to strike the poses nor did we collect their photos. Salute to the volunteering ladies!

We will be back!

Jennifer’s MeiPian Link: click here

Camping at Oliver, BC Never Disappoints us

We organized the never-to-forget Camping activity as usual at Oliver, BC during 2019 Canada Day Holidays.

Farm Address: 400 310 Ave, Osoyoos, BC V0H 1V5

Happy Canada Day 2019!

Group snapshot
Ready for Selfie?
Never miss a chance to connect a friend
Who can fit into the RIDER?
After a nap in the Sunshine and Shades
Good noon, buddy!
I know, Someone is envying me while I am at Position C.

Promote Chinese medicine

“Big data offers great opportunities to develop and promote traditional Chinese medicine (TMC) “, says Mrs Xu Lu (陆旭) Consul General on Sino North America Partnership of Traditional Chinese Medicine opening ceremony on April 21, 2018.

Education is the corner stone. Hunan Association and HACC tech Club will be offering “Machine Learning using R” programming course in the summer.

Python Programming Training Sessions

Introduction to Computation and Programming using Python

The course is co-hosted by Technology Club Canada and Western Canada Hunan Acosicaition. It will be total of 5 classroom training sessions, each session will be 1.5-2 hours with 2-3 sections. Each section will be a 20-minute presentation followed by 15-minute exercise.

For the last session, we will arrange a small project on Raspberry PI and a pizza party.

Future courses include Advanced Python Peogramming (numpy data processing, Raspberry PI projects) , Data structure, Database programing, Machine Learning using R, Software Designer, Internet-working, network security and more.

When: Friday night 6:30 to 8:30 starting from April 13th.

Where: Chinese Cultrural Centre, 197 1 St SW, Calgary, AB T2P 4M4, Canada

What to Bring: Laptop with Windows 7 and above or Mac OS.

Fee: Small fees to cover the cost of classroom rental, materials, snacks and drink etc.

Recommended age 14 and up. Please indicate the age of the attendees when you register. Adults can indicate as 18+. We will select candidates and group them appropriately.