Webinar 2023: Strategies of Individual and Corporate Tax

To file tax or Not to file, that is the Question!

The tax return season of the tax year 2022 has debuted on March 1st, 2023 with the deadline set on May 1st, 2023 (due to April 30th falling into a weekend).

Western Canada Hunan Association has invited two industry professionals:

Dr. Jin Bao, JD, PhD
Mr. Xia Yong, CFP, RRC

to lead the lecture of fundamentals, does and don’ts, plus a 50-minute Q&A session for our province fellows and friends.

Please refer to the poster below for details.

Stay tuned with hunan.ca.

New President & Mgmt Committee Debuts

In the Lunar New Year of Rabbit, the Hunan Association of Western Canada (“HAWC”) has accepted the resignation of the former President, Marcus Zou, and elected the new President, Rena Hu, plus adding Dr. Jin Bao as one of the Directors during the 1st meeting of the 9th Management Committee of HAWC on January 23, 2023.

We thank Marcus for his great efforts securing a great society during the most difficult time, the COVID-19 pandemic seasons.

We wish the new president, Rena, a great leadership steering the Hunan Association to a new level.

More activities will be scheduled and held, then stay tuned with hunan.ca.

Revive Hunan.ca Library and Reading Club

The Hunan Association plans to revive the glory of Hunan.ca Library this year if the COVID-19 situation turns better.

The Hunan.ca Library (https://www.libib.com/u/canada/l/616909) had been created and operated by our former President, Tom Luo, in late 2018. Here is a snapshot of the Library’s main page:

In conjunction with the Library, the Hunan Association was active to organize a Reading Club holding quite a few reading sessions in Calgary’s Central Library in order to encourage and foster the habit of reading, especially for youth. Here are some good memories:

CareerReady Program Continues

Encouraged by the great success of the CareerReady Program in summer 2021, our premium partner, HaccTech, continues hosting the very program at the very beginning of the new year 2022.

There are 2 training series opened on Jan 10, 2022:
1. CareerReady Program: including Interview training & practice; resume building; hands-on Practical learning in the manner of a small group or 1-on-1 coaching.
2. Data Science with Python (DSP2201): including the hot topics of Data Analytics and Machine Learning.

Career Ready Program
Data Science with Python (DSP2201)

Cooking Roadshow EP01 – Kung Pao Spicy Chicken

As planned during last Council meeting, the Cooking Roadshow Series event debuts today 06 February 2021.

The Kung Pao Spicy Chicken has been chef’ed by our Hunan Cooking Godress – Nancy Ouyang. Let’s check out how she showcases the art of cooking and how spicy the chicken dish is (VIRTUALLY).

2021.02.06 21:20 MST



今天这个视频宫保鸡丁是湖南老乡欧阳江南(Nancy)的初试牛刀上YouTube 教做菜,大家快来一起学起来!


接下来她陆陆续续有别的湖南版菜式上来,像水煮鱼、炒腊肉…,希望大家在YouTube 下多多点赞,支持我们湖南人自己的菜肴.

RRSP/TFSA Investing for Retirement


新年之初,税季之时,针对大家关心的免税延税投资问题,加西湖南同乡会将在这个周末举办一场 Zoom 线上讲座,欢迎参加!

《 RRSP / TFSA: Investing for Retirement》

// 讲座内容:

  • RRSP和TFSA 各有什么特点?
  • RRSP 是一个陷阱吗?
  • TFSA 什么时候需要交税?
  • RRSP 和 TFSA我该怎么选?
  • 退休时我能拿多少退休金?
  • 各种投资方式,哪种最省税?
  • 分隔基金和共同基金的差别?

// 讲座时间:
1/31日(星期天)晚上7:00 pm

// 报名请点击下面链接或者长按Poster图片进入报名页面

//报名后您会收到电子邮件确认, 点击邮件中的“单击此处加入”的链接直接进入会议。

Python Programming Training Completed

The legacy of “Python Fundamentals” training (Course ID: PFM 202011) has completed successfully by the day of December 27, 2020.

HACC Tech Club and Western Canada Hunan Association have co-held this training via Zoom meeting abideing by the Pretection Plan during this COVID-19 pandemic season.

The very classes of PFM 202011 started on November 29, 2020, triggered the interests of eight young minds to explore the programming fun of Python.

The below is the Ads on November 23, 2020:

Great News🌹🌹🌹

With giving back to the community, our Python Fundamentals class (“PFM”) is back in town now! This 5 Sessions training (2 hours each) will couple lectures with abundant hands-on, laying the cornerstones for AI programming.

The PFM class will start off with an intro of Python, installation, Data Types, Operators, then followed by Objects, Methods, Shapes, Controls and Flows, Selections, Loops, then GUI/OOP, Classes, Plotting, Data Structures (Lists, Sets, Tuples, and Matrix), eventually end up with a Capstone project.

When: Every Sunday night 6:00pm to 8:00pm MST starting from Nov 29,2020
Where: Online with zoom ID to be provided later.
Registration: https://form.jotform.com/techclubcanada/PFM

Instructor: Marcus Zou, Msc. in Data Analytics from GaTech and Meng. in Geology from CUP, certified MCSE & MCDBA since 2002. Working in Energy sector for decades.

Notes: All money will be denoted to the community and contribute to community activities.

Western Canada Hunan Association

Python for AI Training Series Resumes

The legacy of “Python for AI” training series co-held by HACC Tech Club and Western Canada Hunan Association (WECHA) resumes since this June 2019. And it will be more…

5 Classes of PFM 201906 were held on June 7/14/21/25/28 by freeing out the Canada Day (originally planned from June 7 to July 5).

Happy Pythoning in the coming fall!

We are planning the following “Python for AI” courses, looking forward:

  • PFM: Python Fundamentals
  • PAD: Python Advanced
  • DSP: Data Science in Python
  • MLP: Machine Learning in Python


Dr. Chun Yu Ma is one of 27 authors, successful scholars and professionals who currently live in North America, but all graduated from Hunan Normal University in the early 1980s. They shared their stories and long journeys to the U.S. and Canada, how they had stood up on their fathers’ shoulders and gone though the difficult times, some with help from their less fortunate and under educated siblings, to have become who they are today. This book is a collection of 27 inspirational, history oriented stories that reflected the history and culture of Hunan and China in the past 3 decades.

Buy the book Online, shipping within China only.


A look back at Hunan’s vibrant 2018

Thanks for being the nuts and bolts that hold our community together.

2018 Year Book

Feb 24, 2018: Chinese New Year Celebration Party

March 31 2018: #springski at Sunshine Village

April – October 2018: Python Programming Classes (30*2-hour sessions) partner with HACC

June 2018: Early Summer BBQ at Bowness Park

July 2018: Canada Day Celebration and Camping Trip to Oliver, B.C

Aug 26 2018: Soccer Day and Movie Night

September 2018: 3 OSISoft PI Training Sessions, $300 donnated to the association by Tom Luo and Marcus Zou.

Sept 16, 2018: Launched our online library http://canada.libib.com

Oct 14, 2018: Sponsored AI4Youth Conference ($500 and 5 free 2-hour Python classes)

Oct 20, 2018: Kids buying heir favorite books at Chapters Chinook. It was an $1000 investment in our future genration.

Nov 4, 2018: Readers Club Gathering at Calgary Central Library

Nov 2018: Explore Careers in Data Science Session at University of Calgary, hosted by CCCA加中商会.

Dec 2018: Data Science Study sessions at Calgary Central Library (3 sessions by Dec)

Dec 23, 2018: Christmas Party and Annual General Meeting at Calgary Central Library

2018 Christmas Gathering and AGM

Thanks for being the nuts and bolts that hold our community together.

Come celebrate the holiday season, and attend our annual general meeting.

When: 1pm-4pm, Dec 23, 2018

Where: BMO Community Room, Calgary Central Library (Map)

What: Light refreshments will be provided. Bring your family members or friends.

Who: Please let Macy know if you will be comming or you’d like to help facilitate the event.


  • Introduction
  • Committee Annual Repor
  • Financial Report
  • Optional – Election of new Directors
  • Optional – Special Guest
  • Networking

Data Science Study Group

Interested in learning Data Science or working on an innovative project with smart minds? Join us at Central Library for a free Python programming class along with a group of Graduate students from University of Calgary.

Time: 1pm-3pm, Sunday Dec 2, 2018

Location: Room 0-13, Calgary Public Central Library

Instructors: Tom Luo, Marcus Zou

Prerequisites: Bring a laptop with Anaconda installed.

If you have any books you don’t need anymore, please donate to our own library

Contact: tom.luo@cs.oxfordalumni.org

Organizers: hunan.ca and hacctech.com

Pave the road to the future

Think Ahead, and Pave the road to our future.

“The future is a pattern dependent on the movements of the present” Quote from the book Poppy War by R.F. Kuang.

12 students graduated today after completing 15 Advanced Python classes and 5 Fundamental classes starting from May. We didn’t rent fancy classrooms, but we have achieved more than the most prestigious institution or University can offer. 我们没有租借高档的教室,但是我们提供了名校一样的教育。

Western Canada Hunan Association

HACC Technology Club